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Mark St. John Ellis was the founder of the record company De Nova Da Capo in 1990. He studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art because of not having the qualifications to go to art college, where he wanted to go on to design album covers. Shortly after leaving LAMDA and having formed, according to Melody Maker, " the doom laden drum machine and feedback guitar " band 'Masque', the project became dissatisfied with playing the London rock venues and became 'Theatre of Masque’. The project title described the physical theatre performance group it had become, inspired by the writings of Antonin Artaud. The venues became art galleries and theatres. 
He then started to compose music for pieces of theatre and film, whilst working with the photographer Daniel Faoro in photographic stills and super 8mm film. The two then collaborated on a twenty minute film set to music, 'Philosophy with a Hammer', based on the Baroque imagery of Caravaggio and De la Tour.  This was previewed in the Bijou cinema Soho, London in 1990. Alan Trench from World Serpent Distribution was in the audience that night and as a consequence of the screening, an album distribution deal was offered. Later the film was released in VHS format worldwide.
www.elijahsmantlemusic.com released eleven albums from 1993 until 2010 with DNDC. NAG replaced Elijah’s Mantle in 2013 as the new project title. During the period from 2010 until 2015 the music had started to take on a different direction resulting in the album ' “... the dirt once found in the grooves. “ The reminiscent vein. '

Curriculum Vitae


1991 The project Elijah's Mantle founded

1991 Producer and director of the film Philosophy with a Hammer previewed at Bijou Cinema London

1991 Founder of the record  label De Nova Da Capo

1992 Offered distribution deal with World Serpent Distribution

1993 Released Angels of Perversity DNDC 001 CD

1994 Released Remedies in Heresies DNDC 002 CD

1995 Released Sorrows of Sophia DNDC 003 CD

1995 Released Philosophy with a Hammer

on video format for Europe and U.S.A DNDC 004 V

1995 Toured with Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance in Europe ( two weeks ) and the United States ( four weeks )

1996 Produced the artists Pablo and Paula Guaderas cd

Feeling the Cold DNDC 005 CD

1996 Released Betrayals and Ecstasies DNDC 006  CD

1996 Released DNDC compilation These Wings Without Feathers DNDC 007  CD

with artists Lisa Gerrard, Ronan Quays and CoEx

1997 Released Poets and Visionaries DNDC 009  CD

1999 Released Psalms from Invocations DNDC 012  CD

2000 Released Legacy of Corruption DNDC 014  CD

2002 Released Breath of Lazarus DNDC 015  CD

Breath of Lazarus ( vinyl unreleased ) DNDC 016  VL

2002 CD Launch of Breath of Lazarus with first presentation of Philosophy with a Hammer as a video installation at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin

2004 Writings from Elijah’s Mantle project published by Textuel in ‘Rimbaud aprés Rimbaud’. ( An anthology of  texts from Proust to Jim Morrison )

2005 World Serpent Distribution cease trading

2006 Co - curator and participant as Elijah's Mantle of the music event “the dirt once found in the grooves ...” held at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin

2007 Curator and participant as Elijah's Mantle with sound installation of all colours black. ( next to nothing ) at the Royal Hibernian Academy Ashford Gallery, Dublin

2009 Curator and participant as Elijah's Mantle with soundtrack installation of Angels of Perversity at the Cross Gallery, Dublin

2010 Released Observations of an Atheist DNDC 017 CD

Philosophy with a Hammer presented as a two screen installation in nag 

2013 The project Elijah's Mantle is concluded.