Release of Remix album 2016


In 2016 ' “...the dirt once found in the grooves...” Remix ', DNDC Noh Label 019, was released in an edition of one hundred as the second phase of a project that had been explored over approximately five years. It came out of the first edition release ' “...the dirt once found in the grooves...” The reminiscent Vein. ', from 2015. The Remix was not done as a commercial exercise of taking a product and extracting more from it, but as a separate project that had come from taking it out live as a creative producer / dj and experiencing the sound in front of an audience. This inevitably influenced an advancement in the sound and moved the groove to a more immediate listening approach. Whilst the project retained its conceptual nature and still held on to the experimental elements its accessibility was because of the groove. This was brought into practice at the launch of the cd in a two hour set during Culture Night Dublin on September 16 at the Cross Gallery with visuals on monitors. The set was filmed and will be edited in 2017.

The album was released in a wallet format as a precursor to the planned vinyl release for 2017. The graphic design was by Liam Furlong of Space and the logo for NAG was created in Japanese for the reason that the creative directors involvement in visual arts and design is demonstrated by an interest in the philosophy of Japanese aesthetics and culture.